Welcome to HABITS WellnessLuxury Residential Services

HABITS was established back in 2013 to serve few exclusive buildings in Beirut. Upon its success and the market demand for its services, HABITS extended its arms to reach few more extra places in Lebanon in 2015.


HABITS’ approach is multifunctional, where its professional services in the fields of Fitness, Massage, Nutrition and Physiotherapy are provided by professionals who are properly certified and experienced and can offer support and motivation to improve the lifestyle of the client. Such services are tailor-made to meet each of its customer’s needs and objectives.

Our special, certified and qualified professionals always have success stories with clients to share and are always ready to understand and serve your body needs in order to satisfy your wellbeing and help achieve your goals the way that suits you best.

Our clients are very diversified; however, they have many points in common:

    • Very busy schedule.
    • Not too much time.
    • The desire to adopt new habits.
    • Understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
    • Committed to themselves in life.
    • Looking for an escape.
    • Looking for a professional company to improve his/her health problems.

We believe in the human being, we believe in you and your decisions for your wellbeing. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, and that’s exactly why HABITS is here for!

Believing in HABITS services, credibility, and professionalism.

Our Mission

HABITS’ mission is to inspire, motivate and educate our clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Yes, we believe in YOU!

Our Vision

To see people’s transformation through INTERdependent actions between human beings, professionals, and clients.

This is the reason we work hard. It is simply to see content smiles on the faces of our clients after a long day.