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Habits, Luxury Residential Services

Habits was created by MENA Capital, a leading real estate developer. Residential owners of MENA Capital properties enjoy a unique lifestyle, enhanced by the convenience of select services provided by Habits. Fitness, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Massage Therapy are available to residents through a holistic approach to wellness.

Our professionals go to great lengths to meet and exceed your expectations, walking alongside you every step of the way. This private one-on-one approach is focused on providing a complete diagnostic evaluation by our certified professionals, who are highly skilled in their respective fields.


Habits is to be incorporated into the daily lives of MENA Capital properties residents, providing integrated health solutions that are differentiated by the quality and completeness of its wellness packages.


To provide residents of MENA Capital developed properties with the finest personalized health services in fitness, physiotherapy, nutrition, and massage within the privacy of their own home.

“Embrace a healthy habit for a healthy lifestyle today and let Habits guide you on your road to wellness.”

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